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Customer Feedback


"Pest Control came our to my home in Camps Bay to install bird spikes and spray 4 lice and we havnt since had any problems. Iv recommended you guys to my neighbors. "


"the ants have not returned since you put ant gel in my vehicle. thank you for your prompt service."

Winona K

"Hi Sean i just want to thank you for comming out even if you are sick i appriciate it alot the rats were driving me crazy. Thanks to you they are gone now Thanks"

Seneca E

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Snake Removal in Tableview

Snake Removal  in Tableview

Here in Tableview many homes are plagued by venomous snakes and here at Tableview Pest Control we have started a service to remove and relocate snakes in and around Tableview. We believe that these misunderstood animals have the right to live and and prosper out of harms way.

Here at Tableview Pest Control we will catch and relocate any snakes you may have in or around your Tableview home. Snake removal is one of the many services we offer to help conserve our indigenous animal species.

Some of the most common snakes we come across in Tableview are the, Herald Snakes, Slug eaters, Boom slang, Puff adders and Cape cobras.

Call Tableview Pest Control for the safe fast removal of of any snakes in and around Tableview. Our friendly staff are at hand to answer you call 24/7 and trained to assist with any Pest Control problem you may be facing in any commercial or domestic situation.

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